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Medical practice in Finland and the Doctors' Cooperative In Finland

It is a professional group that searches for the fastest, most convenient and most reliable methods for Turkish doctors to continue their medical practice in Finland or to continue their medical profession in Finland through the medical equivalence process "without profit". As professonals with higher education, especially doctors from Turkey, can become members of the Doctors Cooperative (Doktorlar Osuuskunta) in Europe.

You can follow the Finnish Doctors group on social media on "Facebook", "Telegram", "Twitter" and "Instagram". If you would like to enroll in the Finnish Language Course, please enter our "Doctoring in Finland Telegram" group, read the "Pinned messages in the top menu" and get in touch. Don't forget to join our Finnish Doctors Facebook group exclusively for physicians.

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How can Turkish doctors practice medicine in Finland?

Health professionals such as doctors or physicians who require legal authorization are authorized by Valvira in Finland. In order to become a legally authorized doctor in Finland, we have to follow the path set out by Valvira. The first requirement is your "medical school diploma". The second requirement is "at least 6 months of internship" in Finland. The third requirement is the "B1-B2 Finnish language proficiency" that you will obtain through "Finnish language training and YKI language exam" during the first two mentioned processes. In the last part, there are "three-stage exams" for medical qualification. Each exam increases your authorization. When you pass the final exam, you are registered as a fully legally competent doctor.

Finnish for doctoring in Finland

Announcements of the Finnish Language Course for Turkish Doctors and Finnish language training materials can be found at

For the Promotion of the Medical School Diploma

The documents required for medical equivalence procedures do not exceed the number of fingers of one hand. 1) Diploma, 2) Passport, 3) Good-Standing Certificate are the documents currently required. We recommend you to add 4) Transcript and if possible 5) Diploma Supplement according to the old way. As much as possible, keep the original documents in English. If your diploma is in Turkish, please ask the faculty secretariat for a "Diploma in English as Original" document. Click here for a short roadmap.

European Doctors' Cooperative

It is a cooperative providing products and services to doctors aiming to practice medicine in Europe and practice medicine in Finland. It was founded by doctors in Finland. Click here for details on Doctors Osuuskunta.

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Doctors Osuuskunta (Doctors Cooperative) Fall 2022 General Assembly Meeting

347 x 233

The Doctors Osuuskunta (Doctors Cooperative) Fall 2022 General Assembly Meeting was held unanimously on 12.11.2022 with a participation rate of 77.84%. At the meeting, 7 new members were approved and 1 decision was taken to remove from membership.

Those whose membership is approved;

1)Berkay Tok,

2)Mustafa Önder Polat,

3) War Shadowed,

4)Ufuk Saracoglu,

5) Ugur Regaip Akalin,

6)Umit Yasar Tekelioglu,

7)Zekeriya Çağdaş Tezel

Dismissed from membership;

1) Hasan Goktas

Minutes of the meeting:

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Doctors' Cooperative, November 27, Helsinki Conference

We had our previous meeting on the last Sunday in October. Doctors from Finland and doctors from Sweden come together and create a kind of medical union atmosphere. In November, we plan to make our monthly meetings a tradition by setting the last weekend as the meeting date.

On Sunday, 27.11.2022, all physicians are invited to the meeting at the Oodi Central Library in Helsinki at 13:30-15:30Helsinki time, 12:30-14:30Stockholm time, 14:30-16:30 Istanbul time.

Topic of the Conference: Meeting and cooperation of physicians.

Vision: The Doctors Helsinki Conference turns into a growing platform where the foundations of the "European Doctors' Union" are laid. Doctors from Turkey in Europe start negotiations for representative offices in their respective countries.

Address : Keskustakirjasto Oodi
Töölönlahdenkatu 4
00100 Helsinki

Hall name : Ryhmätila 3


Local seating capacity: 16 people
Standing capacity of the Meeting Room: ~32 people
Remote access Zoom capacity: 100 people

Meeting Flow

SESSION 1, 13:30-14:10 TURKISH

Meeting ID: 847 5445 9676

Passcode: QqJb9Q

2ND SESSION, 14:30-15:10 TURKISH

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 832 0977 2699
Passcode: g34GUt

SESSION 3, 15:30-16:10 (Additional Session, TURKISH,FINISH,ENGLISH)

Meeting ID: 841 7353 9040
Passcode: 2JGjk9

Participants will be able to ask questions in Finnish, English or Turkish.

Meeting program

SESSION 1, 13:30-14:10 TURKISH

13:30-13:35 Mehmet Fatih Daban

Opening Speech (There may be a delay in starting the video conference, in case of delays, the program will continue in the third session)

13:35-14:10 Speaking to colleagues who have arrived in Finland or whose workplace is ready, 2-5 minutes per person:

13:35-13:40 Uzm.Dr.Mehmet Ali Topal (Physicians who came to Finland with their families)

13:40-13:45 Dr. Ebru Karaduman (The importance of support network in cooperative management)

13:45-13:50 Dr. Kübra Şahin (The experience of newly graduated young physicians coming to Finland) 

13:50-13:55 Dr. Ayşe Nur Kurt (Kooperatifi's presidential candidacy and democratic structure)




BREAK 14:10-14:30

Coffee, tea, cake, pastry brought from home by the participants.

Session 2 14:30-15:10

14:30-14:40 Specialist Dr. Mustafa Sedat Bilecan (leader of Turkish doctors in Sweden)

14:40-14:45 Specialist Dr. Sabina Mirzayeva (leader of Azerbaijan Doctors in Finland)

14:45-14:50 Dr. Yunus Emre Özer (Academic support opportunities for physicians)

14:50-14:55 Dr. Lokman Canlı (Opportunities of different regions in Finland)


16:00-16:05 Dr. Berkay Tok (Region preference for internship)

BREAK 15:10-15:30

Coffee, tea, cake, pastry brought from home by the participants.

Session 3 15:30-16:10

15:30-15:35 Sociologist Gurhan Bayramoğlu (Immigration adaptation) 


15:45-15:50 Serdar Özçelik (Health Tourism in Turkey)

15:50-16:10 Closing. It can be used if deemed necessary or if time is insufficient.

BREAK 16:10-16:30

Coffee, tea, cake, pastry brought from home by the participants.

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Doctors' Cooperative, Helsinki Conference

All Physicians are Invited!

On Sunday, 23.10.2022, all physicians are invited to the meeting at 13:00-15:00(2 hours) at the Oodi Central Library in Helsinki .

Conference Subject: Meeting and cooperation of physicians

Address : Keskustakirjasto Oodi
Töölönlahdenkatu 4
00100 Helsinki

Hall name : Ryhmätila 7


Local seating capacity: 12 persons
Standing capacity of the Meeting Room: ~25 people
Remote access Zoom capacity: 100 people

Meeting Flow

SESSION 1 13:00-13:40 TURKISH


SESSION 3 15:00-15:40 (Additional Session, TURKISH,FINISH,ENGLISH)

Participants will be able to ask questions in Finnish, English or Turkish.

Meeting Program

Session 1 13:00-13:40

13:00-13:05 Keynote Speech (Our videoconference may be delayed)

Mehmet Fatih Daban

13:05-13:25 Cooperative Management Right to Speak, 2-5 minutes per person:

Mehmet Ali Topal

Ebru Karaduman

Kübra Şahin

Beytullah Engel

Cem Murat Tokgöz

Cengiz Polat

13:30-13:40 Speaking to colleagues who have arrived in Finland or whose workplace is ready, 2-5 minutes per person

Ali Boz

Benjamin Uyanık

Abdurrahman Hamdi Inan

Lokman Canlı

Fatma Zehra Keçe

Ayşe Nur Kurt

Mustafa Alemdar

BREAK 13:40-14:00

Coffee, tea, cake, pastry brought from home by the participants.

Session 2 14:00-14:40

14:00-14:35 Q&A for all participants

Colleagues who wish to ask questions will be able to request the floor and ask questions to whomever they wish.

14:35-14:40 Closing speech

BREAK 14:40-15:00

Coffee, tea, cake, pastry brought from home by the participants.

Session 3 15:00-15:40

If necessary or if time is short, an additional session can be held in Ryhmätila 8 hall.

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What does the Doctors' Cooperative do?

Who are we? 

What are our objectives?

How and where do we benefit?

Our doctors' group is an interest group built on cooperation and solidarity. The benefits we achieve are reflected in the common denominator. With the skills we have acquired, we have been able to accomplish tasks that 100s of thousands of euros of capital would not be able to handle. 

We were able to formalize this group in the interests of our colleagues and set up a European cooperative. 

We are the first non-publicly funded physician cooperative in Finland. The first public cooperative, which is a university partnership and a specialized doctors' cooperative, is located in the northern region. In this respect, we are the only physicians' cooperative in the south, in the capital region. As such, we have the potential to seize many opportunities.

The earning potential of our cooperative is increasing day by day.

I don't see any problem in using a slogan here:

"Our physicians can also be athletes, craftsmen, artists and businessmen. However, the opposite is rarely seen" 

In this respect, we should be open to using every potential of our cooperative.  

Cooperatives are "democratic" in nature and maintain their structure through their transparency.

In fact, there is not much room left for mistrust.

I believe it will be the place where you will feel safer and stronger.

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The Number of Physicians Receiving Finnish Language School Training reached 51

20 participants attended the Finnish Language School on September 12th. The number of physician colleagues who received Finnish language school training with their own certificates was 51 in total. Our expectation for the number of physicians coming to Finland is at least 100 physicians for the first year. As Doctors Cooperative, we anticipate that at least 200 Turkish physicians will come to Finland in 2023.

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Finnish Support Autumn Course for Doctors

In 2022, for Turkish physician colleagues who are taking a Finnish course or who have not yet taken a Finnish course, Gurhan Bayramoğlu has organized an Autumn supplementary support course in Turkish. For details of the course please visit the Finnish Support Autumn Course for Doctors page(Download course program)

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Working as a doctor abroad - Working as a doctor abroad

Studying medicine in Turkey and working abroad

Turkey's doctors have started to prefer working abroad. With more than 120 medical faculties, Turkey has become a country exporting doctors to the world. Beyond just brain drain, the exodus of physicians, half of whom are specialists and above, who receive the most expensive and painful education, has recently reached 2000 physicians annually. This number reveals that almost as many doctors leave the country as the average of 8-10 medical school graduates. Physicians who leave the country often migrate to countries where languages other than English are spoken. In this case, we can also say that our physician colleagues who have migrated abroad know 2 foreign languages on average. They quit their jobs or study for TUS to become a doctor abroad. Instead, they study a language and leave the country.

Practicing medicine abroad

In our country, our colleagues who studied medicine in English used to return after their residency abroad. Now English serves as an auxiliary language in the country they go to. In 2021, the country with the highest number of immigrants was Germany with 1300-1500 people per year. Demand for European countries such as Italy, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Norway increased. Common Wealth countries of the United Kingdom such as the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, New Zealand, Australia were also in demand. Saudi Arabia, America and Canada are also on the list. The ranking of countries of emigration is worth considering in terms of their population, prosperity and challenges. Our colleagues are trying to make the best choice for themselves. We will not make a comparison. Our advice is: "Choose the best and easiest option for you".

How to become a doctor abroad?

Start with Google searches. You can do your searches in Turkish. Look for opportunities to learn the language of your favorite country online for free. PDF books, apps, online language courses and private language lessons are enough to learn a language. You have to spend money and time to learn a foreign language. The time is at least 6 months.

Countries with doctor shortage

There is one doctor for every 500 people in Turkey. This number is very insufficient. However, by shortening the time spent per patient and implementing a performance system, the shortage of doctors is masked. With 120 medical faculties, it is clear that there will be a surplus of doctors in a short period of time, but the only solution seems to be closing faculties or migrating doctors abroad. The ideal number of doctors per capita in Scandinavian countries is 250. The average examination time for a patient is 20 minutes. The number of medical faculties is between 3-5. Countries in need of doctors have made it a policy to save money and inward migration by bringing doctors from abroad. Almost every developed country that has reached a high income level will import doctors from abroad. We can also say that the recruitment of doctors from abroad is a unique policy of these countries.

What to do to become a doctor abroad?

Present your medical school diploma at the relevant institution in the country you decide to visit. Start learning the native language of that country. At the same time, do google searches such as "doctor telegram in Finland", "doctors abroad group", "doctors cooperative in Europe" for the country you are going to. Never be separated from your colleagues. Benefit from the experience of every colleague who has been on this path before. Although theoretical knowledge is worth gold, experience is priceless. Verify negative information on this path with written sources and those with experience. Use the opportunities provided by the digital environment to the fullest. You can also get answers by asking questions to the institutions of that country by email.

In which countries is the Turkish medical diploma valid

Diplomas from countries like Turkey where Western medicine is taught are recognized in almost every country. The procedures required vary from country to country.

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The number of Physician Doctors in the Finnish Language Course has reached 31

On May 9, 2022, with the 2nd group taking Finnish course, the number of physicians taking Finnish Language course became 31 in total.

We hope that the number of physicians who will sign an internship contract in the summer and fall semester, starting at the end of 2022, will be 25.