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Medicine in Finland and the Finnish Doctors' Cooperative

It is a professional group that searches for the fastest, most convenient and most reliable methods for Turkish doctors to continue their medical practice in Finland or to continue their medical profession in Finland through the medical equivalence process "without profit". As professonals with higher education, especially doctors from Turkey, can become members of the Doctors Cooperative (Doktorlar Osuuskunta) in Europe.

You can follow the Finnish Doctors group on social media on "Facebook", "Telegram", "Twitter" and "Instagram". If you would like to enroll in the Finnish Language Course, please enter our "Doctoring in Finland Telegram" group, read the "Pinned messages in the top menu" and get in touch. Don't forget to join our Finnish Doctors Facebook group exclusively for physicians.

Registration is now open for Finnish certified school for doctors in Finland. Become a member of the Finnish Doctors' Cooperative for school discounts, Finnish translation of your medical diploma and support in finding a job, housing and professional support 👉membership

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How can Turkish doctors practice medicine in Finland?

Health professionals such as doctors or physicians who require legal authorization are authorized by Valvira in Finland. In order to become a legally authorized doctor in Finland, we have to follow the path set out by Valvira. The first requirement is your "medical school diploma". The second requirement is "at least 6 months of internship" in Finland. The third requirement is the "B1-B2 Finnish language proficiency" that you will obtain through "Finnish language training and YKI language exam" during the first two mentioned processes. In the last part, there are "three-stage exams" for medical qualification. Each exam increases your authorization. When you pass the final exam, you are registered as a fully legally competent doctor.

Finnish for doctoring in Finland

Announcements of the Finnish Language Course for Turkish Doctors and Finnish language training materials can be found at

For the Promotion of the Medical School Diploma

The documents required for medical equivalence procedures do not exceed the number of fingers of one hand. 1) Diploma, 2) Passport, 3) Good-Standing Certificate are the documents currently required. We recommend you to add 4) Transcript and if possible 5) Diploma Supplement according to the old way. As much as possible, keep the original documents in English. If your diploma is in Turkish, please ask the faculty secretariat for a "Diploma in English as Original" document. Click here for a short roadmap.

European Doctors' Cooperative

It is a cooperative providing products and services to doctors aiming to practice medicine in Europe and practice medicine in Finland. It was founded by doctors in Finland. Doktorlar Osuuskuntaclick here for details.