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Doctors' Cooperative, November 27, Helsinki Conference

We had our previous meeting on the last Sunday in October. Doctors from Finland and doctors from Sweden come together and create a kind of medical union atmosphere. In November, we plan to make our monthly meetings a tradition by setting the last weekend as the meeting date.

On Sunday, 27.11.2022, all physicians are invited to the meeting at the Oodi Central Library in Helsinki at 13:30-15:30Helsinki time, 12:30-14:30Stockholm time, 14:30-16:30 Istanbul time.

Topic of the Conference: Meeting and cooperation of physicians.

Vision: The Doctors Helsinki Conference turns into a growing platform where the foundations of the "European Doctors' Union" are laid. Doctors from Turkey in Europe start negotiations for representative offices in their respective countries.

Address : Keskustakirjasto Oodi
Töölönlahdenkatu 4
00100 Helsinki

Hall name : Ryhmätila 3


Local seating capacity: 16 people
Standing capacity of the Meeting Room: ~32 people
Remote access Zoom capacity: 100 people

Meeting Flow

SESSION 1, 13:30-14:10 TURKISH

Meeting ID: 847 5445 9676

Passcode: QqJb9Q

2ND SESSION, 14:30-15:10 TURKISH

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 832 0977 2699
Passcode: g34GUt

SESSION 3, 15:30-16:10 (Additional Session, TURKISH,FINISH,ENGLISH)

Meeting ID: 841 7353 9040
Passcode: 2JGjk9

Participants will be able to ask questions in Finnish, English or Turkish.

Meeting program

SESSION 1, 13:30-14:10 TURKISH

13:30-13:35 Mehmet Fatih Daban

Opening Speech (There may be a delay in starting the video conference, in case of delays, the program will continue in the third session)

13:35-14:10 Speaking to colleagues who have arrived in Finland or whose workplace is ready, 2-5 minutes per person:

13:35-13:40 Uzm.Dr.Mehmet Ali Topal (Physicians who came to Finland with their families)

13:40-13:45 Dr. Ebru Karaduman (The importance of support network in cooperative management)

13:45-13:50 Dr. Kübra Şahin (The experience of newly graduated young physicians coming to Finland) 

13:50-13:55 Dr. Ayşe Nur Kurt (Kooperatifi's presidential candidacy and democratic structure)




BREAK 14:10-14:30

Coffee, tea, cake, pastry brought from home by the participants.

Session 2 14:30-15:10

14:30-14:40 Specialist Dr. Mustafa Sedat Bilecan (leader of Turkish doctors in Sweden)

14:40-14:45 Specialist Dr. Sabina Mirzayeva (leader of Azerbaijan Doctors in Finland)

14:45-14:50 Dr. Yunus Emre Özer (Academic support opportunities for physicians)

14:50-14:55 Dr. Lokman Canlı (Opportunities of different regions in Finland)


16:00-16:05 Dr. Berkay Tok (Region preference for internship)

BREAK 15:10-15:30

Coffee, tea, cake, pastry brought from home by the participants.

Session 3 15:30-16:10

15:30-15:35 Sociologist Gurhan Bayramoğlu (Immigration adaptation) 


15:45-15:50 Serdar Özçelik (Health Tourism in Turkey)

15:50-16:10 Closing. It can be used if deemed necessary or if time is insufficient.

BREAK 16:10-16:30

Coffee, tea, cake, pastry brought from home by the participants.