Is it necessary to have money in a bank account when applying for a residence permit for a family working in Finland?

Should we have money in a bank account when obtaining a "family residence visa" in Finland? If so, how much should it be? In what period of time should this amount be completed? Do foreign currency and gold accounts count?

If you are applying for a "family reunification residence" while applying for a work permit or a "family reunification residence" while applying for a work permit, the sum of the "salary income" of the family member working in Finland and the cash assets in the bank account must be sufficient to cover the living expenses in Finland for the family member applying for family reunification.

A person working in Finland who declares his/her salary and bank account is also called a "sponsor". During the residence visa application process, you declare that these assets and income belong to you. Even if you have borrowed money, these income and assets are at your disposal.

Information for families with children: child benefit is calculated as income.

As a trainee you only have a personal residence (salary around 1700-1900euro). 

You also receive child benefit (Lapsilisä). 

Child benefit (lapsilisä) regardless of family income:

94,88€ for 1st child

104,84€ for child 2

133,79€ for the 3rd child

163,24€ for the 4th child

182,69€ for the 5th child and each subsequent child

It is paid to you every month.

Note: Schools, meals and books are free of charge. Students are also provided with travel expenses.