How can I track the mail I sent to Valvira? Have my documents arrived?

To have your degree recognized in Finland, you must send your documents by post to Valvira. You can check whether your mail has arrived with your tracking code on the Posti Oy website If your mail takes longer than expected, but does not appear on the tracking page or you do not receive a delivery notification, you can ask Valvira for confirmation of the delivery of your documents by e-mail.

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What are the estimated times for when the internship period will start? What do those with experience say?

With a basic-intermediate level Finnish language education and support courses that you will take between 6-9 months, you can look for and find an internship depending on your active work and time allocation. It is useful to get a later date for the start of the internship workday, which will not be earlier than 3 months. Visa procedures may take a long time or may coincide with public holidays.