Is it more advantageous to go to Finland as a specialist or as a general practitioner? Is there a difference? I am asking as a resident doctor with two years left to specialization. Thank you.

If it is advantageous to go as a specialist doctor, I will consider completing the specialization for two more years and leaving. Otherwise, I can freeze the specialization and leave.


While some departments prefer general practitioners or even new graduates, some departments prefer specialists or assistants in their field. After you receive your general practitioner equivalence, the head of the department will generally expedite your procedures in order to employ you as a specialist doctor in his/her hospital.

Swedish Language Level

Is the B2 language level from Sweden valid in Finland?

Answer: No. Only Finnish language proficiency certificates are valid for recognition. However, there is no certificate requirement to start an internship. Having a language level of A2-B1 will be enough for you to find a job. You should also be aware that it is very rare to be offered a job only if you speak Swedish. You will need to convince them that you have started to learn Finnish and that you are motivated to learn Finnish.

Are Turkish driving licenses valid in Finland?

Short answer: Yes, you can drive in Finland with your Turkish driver's license.

-If you want to change your driver's license without an exam after moving to Finland, you must apply within 2 years after you have a permanent address. Those with a permanent address must take the test after the 2-year period. More detailed information can be found here:

When paying the invoice received from Valvira after diploma approval, what should be written in the recipient section and in the description?

In the Recipient field: "VALVIRA"; in the Description: "Name, surname, Valvira tracking number, reference number, invoice number".
The Valvira tracking number is written on the document sent for the approval of the diploma. It is in the format V/xxx/xxxx.
The reference number and invoice number are written on the invoice sent with the approval or separately. Viitenumero: RFxx xxxx xxxx xxxx ... and Laskunnro: xxxxxxxxxx is in the format.

How can I track the mail I sent to Valvira? Have my documents arrived?

To have your degree recognized in Finland, you must send your documents by post to Valvira. You can check whether your mail has arrived with your tracking code on the Posti Oy website If your mail takes longer than expected, but does not appear on the tracking page or you do not receive a delivery notification, you can ask Valvira for confirmation of the delivery of your documents by e-mail.

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Doktorlar Osuuskunta Does the (Doctors' Cooperative) charge consultancy fees?

No. Doktorlar Osuuskunta (Doctors' Cooperative) does not charge any consultancy fee from physicians and dentists to become a member. /membership Those who fill out the online form on our website and write a physician or dentist member of our cooperative in the reference section will be directly evaluated for membership by our central board. The approval of the memberships depends on the decision of the board of directors.

Our country representatives are free to charge for product sales and consultancy services in their respective regions "independently of our cooperative" and in accordance with the law, through their own businesses. You can contact our country representatives at /contact us. We will directly consider applications from regions where we do not have country representatives.

You can report your requests and complaints by contacting us info@

Doktorlar Osuuskunta (Doctors cooperative)

Is it necessary to have money in a bank account when applying for a residence permit for a family working in Finland?

Should we have money in a bank account when obtaining a "family residence visa" in Finland? If so, how much should it be? In what period of time should this amount be completed? Do foreign currency and gold accounts count?

If you are applying for a "family reunification residence" while applying for a work permit or a "family reunification residence" while applying for a work permit, the sum of the "salary income" of the family member working in Finland and the cash assets in the bank account must be sufficient to cover the living expenses in Finland for the family member applying for family reunification.

A person working in Finland who declares his/her salary and bank account is also called a "sponsor". During the residence visa application process, you declare that these assets and income belong to you. Even if you have borrowed money, these income and assets are at your disposal.

Information for families with children: child benefit is calculated as income.

As a trainee you only have a personal residence (salary around 1700-1900euro). 

You also receive child benefit (Lapsilisä). 

Child benefit (lapsilisä) regardless of family income:

94,88€ for 1st child

104,84€ for child 2

133,79€ for the 3rd child

163,24€ for the 4th child

182,69€ for the 5th child and each subsequent child

It is paid to you every month.

Note: Schools, meals and books are free of charge. Students are also provided with travel expenses. 





What is the medical internship environment like in Finland?

What is the medical internship environment like in Finland?

The workload of interns is light or non-existent. They are expected to learn the language and system, examine patients and enter them into the system. There is no distance between the chief doctor and the intern. Mobbing never happens. Everyone takes care to help you. You will not encounter anyone with bad intentions.