Doktorlar Osuuskunta (Doctors Cooperative)

Doktorlar Osuuskunta(Doctors' Cooperative) is a cooperative of doctors from Turkeyestablished in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, on February 22, 2022 and registered on August 4, 2022, to practice medicine in Finland and Europe. The main purpose of the organization is to provide benefits in solidarity and solidarity to the members of professions requiring specialization, mainly doctors, who migrate from Turkey to Europe. It is based in Helsinki, Finland. The field of activity is all European Union countries, especially Finland. It aims to be an intermediary for free or discounted services and products that benefit its members in matters concerning their living conditions and professional careers, such as practicing medicine in Finland (practicing medicine in Europe) and professional competence permits.

Official Registry Information

Y-tunnus : 3282946-2

Statute : You can request it from the Patent and Registration Officeor by contacting us at the corporate level.

General Contact Information
E-mail address :

Postal address: Luuvaniementie 4 C 89, 00350 Helsinki, Finland

Board of Directors (2023-2024) Contact details

Cooperative President:
Mehmet Fatih Daban

Honorary Vice President:

Mehmet Ali Topal mehmet.ali.topal@

Board Member:

Ayşe Nur Kurt ayse.nur.kurt@

Board Member:
Beytullah Engel

Board Member:

Ebru Karaduman ebru.karaduman@

Board Member:

Kübra Şahin kubra.sahin@

Alternate Member of the Board of Directors:

Can Antonio Suominen can.antonio.suominen@

Alternate Member of the Board of Directors:

Cengiz Polat cengiz.polat@

General Communication

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    List of Founding Members of the Doctors' Cooperative:

    Aybuke Ayranci
    Ayşe Nur Kurt
    Ayşe Nur Onur
    Beytullah Engel
    Cem Murat Tokgöz
    Cengiz Polat
    Ebru Karaduman

    Hasan Göktaş
    Kübra Şahin
    Lokman Canlı
    Mehmet Ali Topal
    Mehmet Fatih Daban
    Mehmet Oktay
    Mert Altunöz
    Mustafa Alemdar
    Salih Yigit
    Yunus Emre Özer